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The Leiden Institute for FAIR and Equitable Science (LIFES) is a public-private partnership where FAIR data and services are the norm. LIFES will develop and maintain the required expertise and ecosystem for the equitable and privacy preserving reuse of data and services.


Founding Partners

The founding partners of LIFES represent an international public-private partnership of forward-thinking academic and private organisations that have joined forces to address the challenges of global data reuse. 


Vision &

  • Vision: Global, FAIR and Equitable Science and Innovation as the new normal

  • Mission: Facilitate FAIR based, privacy preserving, and distributed data generation as well as equitable reuse

Establishing a FAIR-data Ecosystem

LIFES will facilitate an ecosystem where FAIR data generation, privacy preserving data stewardship, and equitable reuse of information are the norm. A radically distributed approach, where data is visited and queried at the source, will be an essential characteristic of this ecosystem. LIFES will serve as a catalyst for removing unnecessary barriers to equitable data visiting for legitimate research questions that meet legal, ethical and consent requirements. 

Data remains
at the source

Data is made
machine readable

Data is made
machine visitable


Data is

LIFES will address the challenges of global data reuse by building a wide and diverse network of public and private members that want to incorporate the principles of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) and equitable data reuse. 


LIFES runs a lively members network with regular events and activities and onboarding of new members. For the capability clusters, monthly networking meetings are organised. The communications team coordinates press engagements, events and social media. Each year an annual LIFES conference will be organised to which members have discounted access.

LIFES provides a ready-made consortium for funded research projects to provide FAIR enabling capabilities. These projects may provide opportunities for innovation. The LIFES translational research team spots potential synergies and overlap with services already provided by LIFES members and help bring FAIR innovation to market.