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FAIR Guiding Sub-Principle R1.3:

(meta)data meet domain-relevant community standards

Interpretation of R1.3

Where community standards or best practices for data archiving and sharing exist, they should be followed. Several disciplinary communities have defined Minimal Information Standards describing most often the minimal set of metadata items required to assess the quality of the data acquisition and processing and to facilitate reproducibility. Such standards are a good start, noting that true (interdisciplinary) reusability will generally require richer metadata. For a list of such standards, consult for instance FAIRsharing. The required richness of the  provenance metadata will be strongly dependent on the norms generated and agreed upon in the most related research communities. 

This interpretation of R1.3 is based on 'FAIR Principles: Interpretations and Implementation Considerations'. Jacobsen et al, Data Intelligence 2020; 2 (1-2): 10–29. doi:

Image by Jacob Campbell
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