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Image by Clark Van Der Beken


A criteria for GO FAIR Foundation qualification 

The center of the hourglass is based on minimal criteria for machine actionability. In the rest of the hourglass there is the freedom to operate.


The hourglass model explained

The hourglass shape is meant to indicate increasing 'freedom to operate'  (top and bottom) with only an absolute minimal standard at the center (FDOs, for example, nanopublications). Raw data (top) can be generated using any tools that are prefered, while data analysis (bottom) can also involve any tools that are prefered. 

  • FAIRification (top half) is the data harmonization step, but implemented in adherence to the FAIR Principles (using schema/models and controlled vocabularies).  

  • The Center of the hourglass is thus the FAIR-ready data/metadata produced in the FAIRification step, compliant to the minimal spec (for example, nanopublications).

  • FAIR Orchestration (bottom half) is the 'putting FAIR into action', for example making FAIR-ready metadata accessible by machine agents using FAIR Data Points, Smart APIs, or similar technology. There are currently vigorous development initiatives emerging around essential FAIR Orchestration services. 

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Image by Clark Van Der Beken
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