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FAIR Guiding Principle F4: 

(meta)data are registered or indexed in a searchable resource

Interpretation of F4

Principle F4 states that digital resources must be registered or indexed in a searchable resource (e.g., a search engine). The searchable resource provides the infrastructure by which a metadata record (made accessible with a GUPRI, F1) can be discovered, using either the attributes in that metadata (F2) or via the identifier of the resource itself (F3) [21].

This interpretation of F4 is based on 'FAIR Principles: Interpretations and Implementation Considerations'. Jacobsen et al, Data Intelligence 2020; 2 (1-2): 10–29. doi:


  • [21] T. Weigel , U. Schwardmann , J. Klump , S. Bendoukha & R. Quick . Making data and workflows findable for machines. Data Intelligence 2(2020), 40–46. 10.1162/dint_a_00026

  • Machine-Centric Science, Podcast by Donny Winston:

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