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Background reading on FAIR

Background reading

In preparation of the course, please read the original FAIR Guiding Principles article  (Mark D. Wilkinson et al. The FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship. Scientific Data volume 3, Article number: 160018 (2016)) as well as the "How to GO FAIR" web pages on the GO FAIR website. 

Other interesting reads are

FAIR Principles interpretations

The interpretation of the FAIR Guiding Principles (F1 to R1.3) by the GO FAIR community, and adopted by the GO FAIR Foundation as a reference for guiding FAIR implementation. 


A FAIRy tale

Karsten Kryger Hansen, Mareike Buss, & Lea Sztuk Haahr. A FAIRy tale, 13 December 2018. Zenodo:


5% of research funds

Barend Mons. Invest 5% of research funds in ensuring data are reusable. Nature 578, 491 (2020),


FIPs and FAIR convergence

Magagna, B, et al. 2020. Reusable FAIR Implementation Profiles as Accelerators of FAIR Convergence:
(OSF Preprints.


FAIR practices

Data Intelligence, Volume 2, Issue 1-2, Winter-Spring 2020, Special Issue: Emerging FAIR Practices. Issue Editors: Barend Mons, Erik Schultes & Annika Jacobsen:


European Open Science Cloud

Mons, Barend et al. Cloudy, Increasingly FAIR; Revisiting the FAIR Data Guiding Principles for the European Open Science Cloud. 1 Jan. 2017 : 49 – 56:

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